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It’s a different point of view… a “wide view” …the attempt to offer to the customer the highest level of warranty and transparency, as an expression of the belief that the brokerage activity must be grounded on essential criteria of fairness and basedon a professional approach.
“Fisheye view” provides reliability and impartiality with the experience of years of work in real estate.


When using our services please consider that we will be pleased to receive a large and preferably complete documentation of the property, as a safeguard for both sides involved in the deal.


Venice register of companies
Registration N° (rea): 424877; VAT number: 04534350279
C.c.i.a.a. – board of trade, Venice
Company close-fitting to “real estate brokers ethics code of conduct”
F.i.a.i.p. – Italian federation of professional real estate agents
registered at the venice region area, code number: 27679
N.a.r. – National Association of Realtors
Registration N°: 061425334


The purchase of a property is an important step, very significant for many of us, that often becomes the “safe” for the savings of a lifetime, our “retirement” or a future income for our children. With this in mind we need to proceed along a path reasonably protected from unexpected events and unpleasant surprises. The importance of preliminary checks is paramount and at the base of a guaranteed deal. Most of the time a specialist consulting carried out by technicians, may represent an additional cost and a greater burden. However it protects both, buyer and seller, from future far more serious consequences in the event of any disputes or legal actions motivated by irregularities, which emerged in the pre-contractual phase.

administrative and bureaucratic

According to one of the most popular stereotypes, Italy is a country of sun, art, tasty and traditional cuisine but, unfortunately it’s also the country of crazy, inconsiderate and uncontrollable bureaucracy, in which efforts made in good will are hampered, fought and often nipped in the bud by a bureaucratic system which is totally out of control. Entering this maze means, at best, wasting valuable time in an attempt to be able to orient ourselves, or worse, is equivalent to “abandoning all hopes” for the realization of our intent… The experience and expertise of skilled technicians, may be the solution to these problems, allowing customers to save valuable time and giving much relief.

technical and design

Considering the peculiarities of its millennial lagoon site, Venice is a unique city characterized by specific features not found elsewhere,  often difficult to understand for those who don’t know them in detail, or dealing with them in everyday life. These unique aspects are an expression of the history of Venetian architecture and are found in construction technologies (wooden pole foundations, special techniques in use of the brick, the “cocciopesto” etc.), morphology and floor maps (from the tripartite floor map of the “Palazzo” to the more recent exasperated research of the “ground floor separate entry”), as well as in their appearance, showing the typical constituent elements, such as the gothic arch, the influence of byzantine architecture, bifora, trifora etc.. Architects, engineers and surveyors with a good skill in the process of restoration or simple maintenance (always needed in a town which struggles with water), can guarantee an excellent result for your living in the lagoon.

tax and financial

How many and which types of taxes are imposed on property sales and rentals? How do you get the best financing forms? What guarentees are needed to secure a loan? A clear and comprehensive response to these and other questions helps to complete the picture of the investment that we are planning, which sometimes imposes its own consequences on the final choice. Use of trained and experienced consultants, instead of moving on our own initiative, may mean success in our intent on better terms for our savings.

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